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Mexico's Physical and Economic Geography, Mexico's Culture Regions, and Mexico's Future


Physical Geography of Mexico.


Mexico has many different types of landforms. Mexico has two mountain ranges Sierra Madre Oriental and the Sierra Madre Occidental. The highest mountain is Mount Orizaba, it is capped with snow. There are also volcanoes and smaller mountain ranges in southern Mexico. The theory of plate tectonics explains why Mexico has so many different types of landforms. Scientists believe that Baja California was once connected to Mexico’s mainland. This also explains Mexico’s earthquakes and volcanoes.

The Climate and vegetation of Mexico.

Parts of Mexico extend throughout the subtropical and the tropical latitudes. In the northern region of Mexico there is little rain because of the desert like climate. But the southeastern caost is hot and humid for most of the year. in the winter polor air blows southward across the Plateau of Mexico with freezing temperatures.


Mexico doesn't have much farmland because of the mountains. Most of the farmland is found in southern Mxico. Traditional Mexican food crops include maize, beans, and squash. Cash crops are a very important part of Mexico's agriculture. Border crossings get backed-up from Mexican trucks huling fruits and vegetables into the U.S.

Industrial Growth

Petroleum is Mexico's main mineral resource. Mexico has one of the largest petroleum reserves in the world. Gold and silver mines are still important aswell. Mexico has four major industrial centers Mexico City, Puebla, Guadalajara, and Monterrey. Automobiles are a very important export for Mexico. The cities that are growing the most rapidly are those on the border of the U.S. These cities are centered around factories that were built by major companies in the U.S. these factories are called maquiladoras. Mexico is a big tourist destination because of its' old colonial cities and old Native American Civilizations.

Greater Mexico City

Greater Mexico Cite is a big region that includes the capital district and almost 50 smaller cities. The area is less than 100 miles across but it holds one-fifthof Mexico's population(thats a lot of people) Mexico City is one of the wrolds most populated cities in the world. Mexico City's slums are growing very fast from the people moveing to the city to try and find jobs.

Oil Coast

Oil is Mexico's greatest natural resource. It is found along the Gulf of Mexico. There are huge cities along the gulf now, that were founded in the colonial period. This area has many forests that are being cut down for farming and ranching.

Social and Economic Issues

Mexico had a debt of $100 billion. Mexico's economy is improveing greatly. Mexico has devloped a better relationship with the U.S. and other countries. Mexico'd politics have been changing and the country is becomeing more democratic.


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